Cookies Policy
For this website to run correctly, we sometimes store small data folders on your device, which are called “cookies”. Most of major websites do the same.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which websites store on your computer or mobile device while you are browsing. Thanks to cookies, the website is able to remember your actions and preferences (e.g. login, language, character dimensions and other display options), so that you do not need to repeat them when you come back to the website or navigate from one page to another.

Which cookies are used on this website?

Technical Cookie
Cookies has the only function to recognize users who are logged in to allow browsing in private areas, remember browsing preferences, activate user’s choices and permit comments. Cookies’ function is to store information on online style sheets to expedite future visits and offer to the user fast and high-performance navigation, for example, helping the user to check communication and data trafic, identify a session, sign-in to private areas, remember elements of an order, do an order, make a request to register o participate to an event, use security tools browsing, remember contents to distribute audio and video stuff or share contents on social networks.

Customization Cookie
That cookies group allow user to have acces into the website using general and default features on the user’s personal computer/laptop/smartphone, as the lenguage, the browser, the time zone, ecc…

Analytics Cookies
That cookies group allow to the owner and in charge to analize user of the website behaviour in order of that cookies are linked to. These kind of cookies help the management to understand how the wibsite works and to get the browsing profile of the users. The aim is develop and introduce improvements regarding the use that users make of the service.

Which specific cookies do we employ on our websites?

FornitoreNomeScopoPer maggiori informazioni
Google Analytics_ga
To collect anonymous information on the browsing behaviour of the users. The aim is the origin of the visits on the website.Google Privacy Policy
Google Analytics opt-out
ENOLIEXPOPHPSESSIDTo allow the user to view the pages of the website and intercat with them.
Allow to show advertise messages of the brand in other websites.NextPerformance Privacy Policy
ENOLIEXPOlayer_cookiesOnly store preferences on cookies of the user of the website.

How to disable cookies on your browser?

It is possible to disable the cookies set by your browser by following the procedure that they provide. If you disable o delete cookies, it could be possible you can’t fully use some areas of the website or use some services. You can find below the links to the instructions of more commonly used browsers.

If your browser is not included in the list below, please contact the producer to get to procedure instructions:

  • Internet Explorer, click here.
  • Firefox, click here.
  • Google Chrome, click here.
  • Safari, click here.
  • Opera, click here.