Technologies for olive oil and wine production are shown at Enoliexpo 2024, in Bari (Italy)

Technologies for olive oil and wine production are shown at Enoliexpo 2024, in Bari (Italy), the international exhibition dedicated to machineries, products and services for olive growing and olive oil mills, viticulture and oenology, that will take place from the 7th to the 9th of March 2024 in Bari.
More than 200 companies will show their latest innovations for production, transformation, bottling and packaging processes, in order to allow the professional visitors to find out the innovative solutions that the market offers.

Enoliexpo, with free entrance for the visitors, strenghten the partnership with FederUnacoma – Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation – to further enrich the range of agricultural machineries for vineyards and olive growings.

Enoliexpo takes a step forward also in the Transformation process area, thanks to the participation of the leader brands of machines for olive oil mills, as well as a wide range of process and product innovation for wine cellars and the end-of-line processes.
Meanwhile, it opens its doors to foreign markets, through the partnership with ITA – Italian Trade Agency – hosting buyers from the Mediterranean basin, interested in Italian technologies.

In order to spread the professional knowledge of sector workers, Enoliexpo organizes a rich program of conferences and training meetings for professionals during the three days of exhibition.
Thanks to the support of Universities, Research Institutions, Trade Associations and Producers’ Organization the focus will be on different topics, regarding both sectors: not only for olive growing,
vinyard, olive oil mills and wine cellars management, but also for economic subjects like the new guidelines for IG of wine, new regulations for labelling, new certifications and access to credit.

Last but not least, the new sector Beertech, the exhibiting area dedicated to technologies for craft beer production, on the back of the constant growth of microbreweries in Italy. This comes as a confirmation of the evolution of this important sector, developed enough to present and enhance the dedicated products offer and services.
Enoliexpo is the only trade show in Italy for olive growing and olive oil mills and the main exhibition in Central-Southern Italy for Viticulture and Oenology.
A rich promotional campaign will facilitate the participation of thousands of professionals.

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EnoliExpo, three days to remember: over 10,000 attendees

The 6th edition of EnoliExpo in Bari ended with more than 10,000 attendees and a very rich participation in the technical conferences.

Da giovedì EnoliExpo di Bari: grandi numeri!

Ancora 48 ore e Bari diventa per tre giorni capitale europea del settore olivicolo-olea-rio e viticolo-enologico con EnoliExpo,

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